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I have noticed that are very few and far between on ebay listings lately.

Probably better to order a Samyang/Falcon 8mm Fisheye from Poland. Better image quality but you will need to shoot 6+1 or 6+2 instead of 4+1. No Auto-Focus but we don't use that for pano photography anyway!

Understand it is 180 degree diagonal not 180 circular and that is why it is higher quality image and requires more photos to cover the full 360x180 sphere.

Price is right around $400 AUD delivered.
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This mob were cheaper but nil stock ATM Click here

Regards, Smooth
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Interesting couple of options and yes I have noticed a decline in the number of listings on ebay too. I kind of have my heart set on the Sigma and with the this one of course it involves more work in the long run with the photos and the stitching etc. I have found somewhere else and even though it's about $60 more I may go with it - if nothing else so I can just get cracking on!!


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