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WWP Best Of 2009

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Yes, it is that time of year again! Please join us in producing
another showcase of VR panoramic art for the World Wide Panorama.

This is the "best of year" event - the easiest (no theme, any subject
is fine) and the hardest (selecting your best work). The only rules
are that the photography must have been done during the year 2009, the
uploaded files must meet our specs, and you need to do it by the
deadline of December 30 if you wish it to appear on January 1.

The WWP site is now almost entirely converted to Flash - after a lot
of hard work by Markus Altendorff and Pat Swovelin. We still accept
QTVR panoramas but we encourage you to simply supply an
equirectangular image and let our server convert it to Flash (and
QuickTIme) movies for you.

The original dates were December 17-30, but we decided to open the
prep server early - it is available starting now at

Wrapping up another great year!

The WWP Team
Don Bain
Landis Bennett
Markus Altendorff
Bostjan Burger
Keith Martin
Pat Swovelin

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