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Problems with Panostiching

Hi, I have problems when I try to "stitch" different panorama. Ok, I'm using Nikon D80 + sigma 8mm 3.5 EX. I am also using MrotatorTCP from Agnos, Italy.
Every time I take some picture "inside where the windows" are after stitching you could "see" bright and dark lines. When I take photos I "open or close" lense on camera (+0,3 or + 1,7 OR -0,7). All you have "nice" stitching so I hope you could help me , PLEASE.

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Do you have smart blend installed?
You can get it here: 
I use the following Command lines: 

     -v -w -MiniSize 2 -TSmooth8 -WrapMode 1
Do not copy and paste them, you will need to type them in. I have had problems with them not working properly if I copied and pasted them.

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