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Image Resizing

Hi Everyone,
A quick question...I'm using Nikon D300 and Nikon 10.5MM fisheye.
The images I take are normally around 2.53MBs, where as the sample images with Panoweaver are just 783KB to 970KB and great quality!!
I can still make the panorama, but the tour will take a long time to load. How do I make my images smaller without compromising quality?
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I use KissMyImage to batch re-size but have started using PhotoShop CS4 batch re-sizer lately. Both work great for me. You can control the compression quality in both. When I batch re-size in CS4 I can at the same time convert to sRGB.  I think KissMyImage is probably more exact but it will not convert to sRGB. Using the same equipment as you I re-size to 1500kb max and keep the stitched image at 5000x2500.
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