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Hi Laurent,

strange !
When I tested smartBlend with PW7, I had this problem of exposure difference I don't have with native PW6/7 PWblend !

Btw, I downloaded PTgui Pro trial, and it uses my 4 CPUs and is at least twice faster then PW6/7 and give far better results !

Quite disappointed :-(

Regards, Dominique

Nikon D300s - Nikor 10.5 - (PW7 Pro + TW6 Pro) - W7 Ultim - DELL Prceision M6400 (Quad Core - 8GB - 2x160GB-SSD)
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Quote: Originally posted by Laurent on August-09-2010
Hi Smooth,

Thanks for the animation and image assembly you sent to me on my private messenger.

How did you remove the tripod??? I thought I had to shoot another picture down to the floor to do so. Is it done with panoweaver. If yes, I missed something!!!

No you didn't miss anything, this was just a quickly done in Photoshop with the cloning and healing tools. 

Quote: Originally posted by Laurent on August-09-2010

Concerning the NPP, is there a recommended method to align it. I did the alignment shooting two pictures with a 90 rotation through a window and trying to get the best alignment between the window frame and an object in the garden.

My method as posted on this forum can be read here. But is really only suitable for a panohead that creates a round nadir footprint. You can add a round disc between your tripod and panohead to re-create this. Something like a tin lid or CD.

The best way in your case and those using long lenses is to use "The Grid" method and a good re-write of the original in English can be found here. I really recommend you follow this one and really look hard for the smallest misalignments. I promise this will find the NPP (Entrance Pupil).

Quote: Originally posted by Laurent on August-09-2010

Do you have a solution concerning the optimal value of the HOV I should manually set in order to get good results with my Canon EOS 50D and Sigma 8mm? Can someone from easypano make a comment?

Panoweaver is reading the EXIF data and will fill out the HFOV automatically. If your image lose this EXIF data you are best to find an image (from the same body/lens combination) that has the EXIF data in tact and copy down this information to be manually entered with your EXIF-less data images.

Your images show 110.24 degrees

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Thanks for the NPP methode, I will have a close look at them.

Concerning the HFOV, do you think Panoweaver take into account the body and lens combination and of course the crop factor with somekind of a table with different camera and lens combination or does the eXIF data contains enough information especially the crop factor (1.6x for a Canon) that for sure have an impact on the HFOV?