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pay for support

I'm a new user of Panoweaver 7 and need some help, but can't get it from the company support. I can stitch together the photos, but can't figure out how to edit the borders and upload the final product to a web site.
I'm looking for some help to figure this out by phone and willing to pay if needed.

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hi,ED Gudensas


for your first question,you can use the red line to crop it to even

see the attached screenshot.


for your second question,you can publish your project to .swf format or flahs vr format.

then upload it to your server.


Please feel free to contact us if we can be of further assistance.


Are you satisfied with the answer above?


Best regards,

Brick Wang


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Hi there Wizardair,

welcome to the forum. You find that the majority of your question can be resolved by reading the instruction manual, the help faq's and the forum. There's a very strong knowledge base here and plenty of experience to assist in your panoramic endeavors. It's always worth searching the forums as your query will have been asked.

Have you much panorama experience? What are your goals here?


PS: Feel free to drop me a personal msg if you require some 1-1 coaching.
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