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Panoweaver has been updated again.

Hi All,

Easypano Panoweaver 7.40 for Windows, June 23, 2011

Builder:    7.40.6379  Download

Fixed bugs

[-]Address the problem of setting Pan and Tilt for Flash VR.
[-]Address the saved JPG quality problem of batch stitching.
[-]Address the problem of generating wrong type of pano when stitching cube face images.
[-]Address the problem of invalid stitching of single fisheye image when using saved stitching parameter of batch stitching.

Added features

[+]Google map is supported in Flash VR.

Improved features

[*]Optimize the issue of pixel lost in converting spherical pano to cubic one.

Notice: Only Windows versions have been updated at the moment. The Mac versions will be ready in days.

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