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dark bottom and top


I just downloaded a trial version just to see if it will work for what I am doing.

My problem is that when I finish the stitching, i get the panaramic view, and the stitching seems fine, but I get alot of dark space above and below the actual image...Now, i choose different type, but its always the same.

What do I need to do...i dont have or want ceilings or floors in my panaramic image, so is there another work around?

The only way I can do this, is save the image, crop it in photoshop and reopen in panoweaver, but I lose the whole effect, and its pretty flat when I do the virtual tour sample....

i guess my question is, can I use this software to create very simple virtual tours. The sample galary has the tours that I am looking for, but I cant seem to replicate...

any help?
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You need to select "Cylindrical" as the panorama type.

You possibly will need to "limit" the tilt for both up and down so as to avoid displaying blank area.

It would help to know what camera/lens combination you are using and how many images you are stitching.

Regards, Smooth [8D]