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Poor image quality when publishing

The quality of my panorama is very low after I publish to html5 and Flash.

When I publish, what should my thumbnail and view sizes be? No matter what I do, the final published quality is not acceptable. The compression quality is set to 100%

Please help! I need guidance.            
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Can you tell us the size of your images when they are brought into TW?
8000x4000, 6000x3000 Dimensions
3500mb, 2300mb, etc...

This will have a lot to do with the quality of the final tour presentation.

Can you provide a link to the tour?
What is your work flow process?
The following link is just 1 search i found on workflow process on how to get good output.

Plus see "Smooth" for training his tuition is fair, but the training is Awesome!!! helped my workflow and image processing tremendously

Check this link out
Image processing

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Thank you Leescott,in August we have modified our program and also modified quality problem .Maybe you can try to download new version and try again .

Please check this news on 13rd August:

Panoweaver7.4 and Tourweaver6.5 both for Mac and Windows have been optimized ,please download and upgrate !

Dear all Panoweaver7-7.4 and Tourweaver6-6.5 users:

Easypano has updated all the installers of Panoweaver7.4 and Tourweaver6.5 both for Windows and Macintosh .We have optimized all editions' program structures which includes Batch Edition,Professional Edition,Standard Edition of Panoweaver and Tourweaver.

It is strongly recommended that you re-install Panoweaver and Tourweaver again for better experience Of Easypano products.

Do not worry about serial number problem.You just download the installers from our Download center and simply replace the former program files for free.Please save your project before you replace the former program.

Make sure you download the right edition .

Download center: