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Panoweaver publishing options

I have a question regarding options for publishing panoramas from Panoweaver 7.40.

1) Is there any way of creating a movie file of a panorama? I don't mean the .mov quicktime file. I mean a movie file that you can put on Youtube, that pans left or right automatically.

2) When publishing a panorama, there is an option to create AUTORUN files for CD. How does this whole concept work? Do I just burn the files on a CD? And what happens when you insert a CD with a panorama on it? Does it run the slideshow automatically?

Thanks a lot :)
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For your first question about slide show issue.You can publish as SWF format tour and then convert to flv format .It is like a video without interactive feature.You can try if it works in Youtube. Our tourweaver has this feature called REC Movie .You can record the virtual tour video as your customized path and publish as HD mpg and flv video.Please check

For your second question about CD ,it means publish a tour and you can save it in the CD and then play it in the computer just like save a film video in and it can be played in the PC.