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Manual Poorly Written (IMO)

Is it me, or does anyone else think the Panoweaver User Manual is written poorly? (Incomplete sentences, etc.) I am very new to this program and I find it difficult to follow the "Publish Panorama" and "Upload to Website" portion of the mnaual. It seems to jump all over the place.

The "create and publish to my local drive" works OK for me but to upload and embed into my online web site, I get lost. The instructions are very vague. Can someone explain what files and folders that were published to my "local drive" website need to be sent to the server, and if I use "Filezilla" or something like that to upload them, where are they placed and hyperlinked?

Panoweaver so far seems to be a great Pano program, but like I said, the manual could be re-written better. Maybe when Version 8 comes out?

Thanks to anyone.
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Using Filezilla launch it login to your site (host server) as see below

2)Find the files created by PW on your PC Left screen and then go to the location you want to copy the files to on the (server) Right screen

3) Select and copy files from the on your PC Left screen and then go drag them to the right screen on the (server) Right screen

4) The your structures is completed and should look somewhat like the following picture below

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Thanks Lee

We will added this screenshots to panoweaver8 .

It is very clear and vivid than a lot of words.

We will optimized our manual of panoweaver8.

Best regards