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New Chapter

Been producing VRs since 2002, and getting by with reasonable results but always wanting to improve that little bit more. I am delighted to say that after taking tuition from SMOOTH, things really have opened up with instant results/improvements. I would, therefore, strongly advise those of you wanting to improve your VR work to seriously consider using SMOOTHs guidance and tips as I did, you will not be disappointed. Thanks again Smooth this really has opened a new chapter for us.  

Nikon D300(Sept08), Sigma 8mm, agnos short
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Hi Terry Nam,

I totaly agree with you.Smooth is Easypano's old friends .He is an professional expert of VR .Smooth is my teacher and friend.

Thanks Smooth as well as many other friends like him on behalf of Easypano .

We hope more and more friends can join us to share skills and questions each other to make pano easier .

Any suggestions are appreciated !

Best regards