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What is the best jpg size for...

What is the best output panoramic image  size for:

1- pc


3- tablets



6- smartphones


i think for

1-pc (default is best)

i dont know :)

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here is a good review of the most popular smartphones


maybe it helps us in our output of panoramic image size for mobile vt:)

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You don't have control over iDevice size output. Panoweaver and Tourweaver look after the output sizes of 500px (cube faces) for iPhone and 955px (cube face) for iPad.

Based on these sizes and multiplied by Pi the 2:1 equirectangular sizes are 1570px and 3000px respectfully.

Pixel size is not your only concern, you also must consider the weight size of each panorama as mobile devices are normally on the low size for memory and processing power.

A simple rule of thumb is 2.5x the size of the screen resolution if possible.

Regards, Smooth [8D]