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PW8 Update

Pano Type why is this grayed out ? Why don't I have the option to decide what type of pano when importing an panoramic image?

Renders in Google Chrome but still does not render on the Android device.

Why can't the technology used in TW 6.5 and PW7 be used in TW7 and PW8 to have them render on the Android?

Safari output is backwards! For the tour to turn Right you have to select the Left radio button!

I'm a customer since 2005 paying for updates along the way up to TW7 and PW8, NOT A BETA TESTER! Currently looking for alternatives to your lacking product!
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Pano Type will be grayed out if you are "importing" an already stitched panorama and NOT stitching the images. No reason for it not to be grayed out. The program automatically will detect the pano type.

I agree in the HTML5 options left and right are back to front.

Regards, Smooth  [8D]