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Stitching Problems

Good afternoon,

I am having problems with stitching one image set, I have tried the same technique in 3 different areas and it works fine, but there is one area where there is a serious issue, if you just stitch the image regularly using the default stitching in Panoweaver you will see the problem near the floor/wall.

Kitchen Set RAW

I am using a Nadir adapter and I am wondering wether I am using it wrong or if anyone could let me know how to use it as I got no clear instructions with the product. I move the arm out as stated, direct the camera as stated and compensate for the positioning. But I seem to have this stitching problem


P.S. This is not my first problem, I have tried this image on 7 seperate occasions and I have had similar problems with and with the nadir adapter, I have also had this problem when I use both HDR RAW and regular size RAW images.
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You have quite a few problems here.

  • Your lacking features to add control points to. (you need to add "Post-It" or sticky notes to the blank walls). These can be cloned out after stitching.
  • Your images are poorly shot. The lens is not in best focus.
  • You must turn "auto-rotation" off within your camera menu. (or at least make sure all image have the same orientation before attempting to stitch).
  • Your images do not have the same settings. All images should have the exact same Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO and White Balance. This requires the camera to be in Manual (M) mode with correct settings applied.
  • You should NEVER stitch RAW images. Images should be "processed" with a RAW converter to 16 Bit .tif format before stitching.
  • Your Nadir shot does NOT cover the area fully where the tripod sat. (you can see this in the panorama I made from your images.

You can download the panorama here (right click "save as").

Making quality panoramas takes a lot of skill. Skill is acquired over time after many, many hours of learning. People are about to help you with your learning curve.

Alternatively, paid tuition is available for those who need to get up to speed quickly. 

Regards, Smooth [8D]