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Masking Issues

I am having trouble masking my tripod in Panoweaver 8.6 (Trial Version). I am trying to stitch a spherical tour and have created masks for 5 of my 6 images. The first issue that I am experiencing is that the masks are not saved in the project: when I reload, there are no masks present. I have exported the masks I created and have tried reloading them and then stitching, however the masks do not seem to have had any effect - the tripod is still visible in the final image.

I have also noticed that some of my control points were not saved in the project: on some of the image pairs only 2 of 6 control points remained when I reloaded the project.

Has anyone else experienced this? I would like use Panoweaver for the distortion-free stiching, but I can't see buying the software if I can't mask the tripod.

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In panoweaver, you can remove the tripod directly.

After all the settings, it is suggested that you can save stitching parameters in panorama menu and stitch with the parameters next time.