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Works fine in preview but it doesn't look right when exported


I have created a tour with 5 simple images, with each linking to another scene. The tour looks great when I preview it, but when exported it looks terrible. It also looks different in each type of export.

Here are some links to the exported file in question:

username: test

password: test123!

I'm new to using this software, so hopefully it's just a simple newbie mistake that someone can spot quickly.

I can also send over any other file types, if anyone thinks that would help.

Many thanks in advance for any help, much appreciated,




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Mhari, I could not get them to load past10%...did you take 6 photos per each pano or ????

May God Bless,
Steve -


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dear customer, please use our online video( to help you if you are new to our software, and please compress and then send the image or the project(complete) to using , we will check the issue of yours when your file arrive, thanks in advance

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Hi Mhairi,
You might be naming your scenes with non english characters. Use only a to z, A to Z and 1 to 9 only. If you need further assistance, please ask.(PM sent)


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