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Polling all users: what equip. works 4u?


It would be helpful (and interesting) to hear what equipment is working well for people - I'll start:

1) Tried to use my Mavica CD1000 - couldn't get a "wide-enough" wide angle lens

2) Bought an Olympus 490 zoom and fcon-02 but was not happy with image quality so I'm selling

3) Just ordered a Coolpix 5000, FC-E8 fisheye and Kiwi 5000 - will try it out.

Anyone using the 5000? How are the results?

I will post feedback after I get the new stuff.


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The recommended hardwares for Panoweaver is:Nikon Coolpix 995+Nikkor FC-E8+Kiwi995. Also some of our users used Coolpix 5000 + FC-E8. The maximum resolution will be as high as 2560*1920, which will help in making higher resolution panorama.

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We use a Nikon Coolpix 880, the 8mm Fisheye lens.

A friend of ours uses the Nikon Coolpix 5000 and [b]loves[/b] it.
We intend to add a third camera to our inventory and it will be a 5000.

Our website, has a discussion forum (similar to this one) that has an extensive, active camera gear section.  We also have an area where members can share stills and pans with the community.

You will LOVE the Nikon 5000...

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hi all.

I have a 995 and a 5000. I dont know, if the 5000 really makes more resolution with the nikon-adapter for the fisheye.

the circle is not so big as it could be. there is another adapter:

this will make it possible to zoom in without having a lightfalloff to the edges.

all the spheres on my page were made with the 995.


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I found the KIWI rotator to be too touchy, so I spent $100 and bought an IPIX rotator, and I've had no trouble!  You can sometimes find them on eBay or even from IPIX themselves.  If you call their customer service dept, you can buy just a rotator without getting an entire kit.

I use a Nikon 990 with the FC-E8 and the IPIX Rotator on a Canon tripod that has no head... just a screw.  It works great!


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Hi Maureen,

  I have had good results with the Nikon 990 and the Nikon fisheye. I've been using the Bogan pano head and becouse it has an adjustable nodal point slide when your pano is stiched it looks like an aircraft carrier in the bottom of the pano.The standard cap won't even cover it! Cosequetly I'm shopping  for new rotator. Jimbo what exactly did you mean by the KIWI head was "touchy"?






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I out of frustration constructed my own mount and rotator for a coolpix 800 FC-E8 combo. I am getting good results withit so far checkout the pano section of my site The next mount I am now designing will have a lens rotator connected to the camera to fine tune the image alignment. Also I am designing a monopod with an acrylic cone at the base and a tapered main shaft this will minumize the mount image in the panos. The rotator will be mechanically remote controlled as well as the shutter button. I have a fear of hieghts and can't handle the leaning over ledges to stay out of the pictures.
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I use the Nikon 990 with a Kaidan Kiwi 990. At first, things
went pretty smooth, I got a nice level world, but after a little
while, hmmmm, not so good. I still use the Kaidan, but just
after I set the 10 second timer, I position my thumbs underneath,
and MAKE that puppy level!!!! I use just a little muscle and make
a level world!!!   Oh yeah, I also took a hacksaw, and cut the
leveling arm on my tripod in half. It still works fine, but nobody
needs to see a protruding footlong thing sticking out.

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I'm using a 35mm body, a Sigma 8mm fisheye, the Manfrotto 312 QTVR-head and a Nikon LS30 to scan my negatives. Shooting is done with 3 pictures (120 degree), stitching with PTGui and PanoTools.

Using another lens, a Sigma 14 mm I get a really good quality, but it's also more work to take the pictures, scan the negs and stitch the pano.


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Standard rig is, CP950, FC-E8, Bogen/Manfrotto leveler & rotator with old Ipix CP950 mount on top.

I have the complete Bogen/Manfrotto QTVR 302 PLUS unit but it is totally useless for FE spherical images. The two sliding arms used to adjust the nodal point are virtually impossible to edit out in the finished pano.  Aircraft carrier is a good description, Point.

Having said that, if you wanted to mount a heavy 35mm camera lens combo to shoot none spherical panos, this unit is the weapon of choice. It is solid, offers a wide range of nodal point adjustment, is built to last, and is bloody..............heavy! So you will need a good tripod and also a Sherpa to lug it around!

Thomas you seem to be happy with your 312. I am not familiar with this one. Does it include the nodal point adjust sliding plates? Or is a different design to the 302 Plus?


Also I am not sure that there is anything to be gained by upgrading to a CP5000 for web work. The CP 5000 for print work would be a great asset. I plan to wait for the D100 to use for print work.



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CP950 and FC-E8 used here also. Standard Velbon CP 686 tripod and self-made panohead (according to Philo's instructions, only made from thicker aluminum and level added). See pictures here and here.

I shoot always 3 FE images and use PanoTools with PTGui when stiching. I considered to purchase PanoWeaver first but it lacked the option to stich with 3 images, so no go

One of my panoramas can be found here:

- Hans