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Hi Hans,

What can I say! You can spend hundreds of $$$$$$$$$$, on a purpose built pano rotator or you can build your own.

Just goes to show what a little imagination ( a little insperation thanks to that clever fellow Philo)  can achieve. Very nice, Very clean!, Very simple!

Well done!



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Thank you Joseph,

..for your nice comments

> ...a little insperation thanks to that clever fellow Philo

Yeah, inspiration for that panohead goes to Philo (Philippe Hurbain). I think many of you knows who is this guy, don't you. He's one helluva inventor of different things, who does also nice spherical panoramas and other photgraphic-related stuff. Just check out Philo's website and you'll see...

And here is straight link how to build that panohead:

- Hans


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That is GREAT! Thanks!

After playing around with it for awhile, I'm very happy with the 5000

The fc-e8 is a better lens than the olympus fisheye, but the blue band is still there

Not happy with the kaidan kiwi 5000 head - it is too "loose" - they made the
"attaching" mechanism and the "rotating" mechanism one.

So if you get it tight enough to be level, it doesn't turn.

If you get it loose enough to turn, it doesn't stay level - there is too
much play.

Have re-read the manual and have completely followed the
setup instructions repeatedly - the thing is just poorly engineered.

I've talked with one of their engineers, and I was already following all
the steps he gave to the T - but it seems to me that this thing needs to be redesigned.

There is always the "prop it up with your thumbs underneath" method a la Spongebob - and this works most of the time...

May try the Manfrotto head - has anyone had similar problems with this head?
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I also have a Kaidan panorama head, the "universal" Kiwi-L. I used it before, when I made only cylindrical panoramas with my Sony DSC-F505V digital camera.

See many examples here and here  (sorry, mostly finnish language only, but you'll find panos right there easily).

Kiwi-L worked fine with that sort of thing, but not anymore with CP950 and FC-E8. I met same problems than you.. the camera just not kept level, no matter what I tried...

This self-made bracket solved all those problems. As you can see from the picture, the camera's position makes it impossible to go off from level. Well that is even more true with CP990/995, where the tripod mount is at the center of the camera (how it is with the new CP4500, same I think?).

I use CP950, and as many of you know, there the tripod mount is not exactly at the center, it is a little side there. I must always tighten the camera quite tight, so it would not go off-level "sideways", if you know what I mean...

But anyways, I havent had any significant problems with that "Philo's bracket". Kudos for him again! :))

Unluckily this kind of bracket doesn't do the trick with CP5000/5700/885 etc, because the lack of the swivel...

- Hans