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why are all my panor's are at an angle?

Hi, im kind of new taking panos. but im having this nagging issue with them.

everytime i upload my drum fisheye photos to panoweaver, stitch and view them i get this issue.

they look striaght to start off with but when i view them in 360 mode and move the camera 90' left or right i end up with the view being at a slight angle.

its hapening on every photo and as far as im aware there is nothing wrong with the equipment and i have checked the level of the camera so that shouldnt been an issue,

Also if i look at the photos before stitching they look striaght but you cn see the angle in the pano once stitched.

ive attached the pano and the orignal photos.

im using a nodel ninja Ultimate R10 panoramic head, witha d7000 and tripod with ballhead.

hopefully someone out there will be able to help








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Well I don't have any idea about it but I guess it's the problem with the s/w. I enjoy doing it and I mostly stitch the photographs of trendy dresses, plus size dresses because I'm a fashion designer and I love trying different styles.