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Do you Facebook and professional

lease consider, for posting to facebook one of two things.

Give us some help with instructions & hosting ourselves,
(I have webspace)   or lacking that-  truck laptop desks with aluminum top

enable those who paid for professional, to post to facebook without the easypano branding, same as we can choose our own loading swf and can change the right click alternate context info.

I'd like to post to facebook, professionally, with just my logos.

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Dear Saame,

You can customize the loading barin Publish setting->General->loading window), the right click context menu in Publish setting->Flash->Context Website link.

While if you upload to EP=Sky first and then share to your facebook, our website link can not be removed, if you don't want our website link to be shown on your facebook, it is suggested to upload your panoramas or virtual tours to your own server.

Best Regards,