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Panoweaver is updated to 7.20.6031

Dear all,

We have updated Panoweaver to 7.20.6031.
Main improvement and bug fixes:

Fixed bugs:
[-]The problem of showing only half of the controlbar when viewing HTML5 panorama in iPad,
is resolved.
[-]The problem of low image quality when viewing HTML5 panorama in iPad, is resolved.
[-]The problem of HTML5 format panorama freezes under a certain FOV value, is resolved.
[-]The green background color of Flash panorama is removed.
[-]Change the file name of swfobject.js to be lowercase to avoid case-sensitive problems in
certain servers.

Improved features:

[+]The image quality in the panorama display area of Panoweaver is improved.
[+]A control button is added to show/hide controlbar in HTML5 result.

Download three editions (Win & Mac)

License for Panoweaver 7.00 can be used to activate 7.20 corresponding editions.
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These are good improvements.

Although I haven't yet tested throughly it is good to see the green background gone. I also like the new show/hide menu option.

One thing I have noticed with Windows 7: 

  • The default output publish path is C:\Program Files\Easypano\Panoweaver 7 Professional Edition\output
  • But the reality is that the published result goes to C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\Easypano\Panoweaver 7 Professional Edition\output\

This will be confusing for newbies.

Regards, Smooth [8D]