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draft resolution comes

draft resolution comes

And the 55th draft resolution comes from horse of the base of a fruit of Argentine, Brazil, melon to pull (renown Guatemala) with Kenya, will all yellow Tan Shushu is planted include an appendix 2 (besides already in the appendix the tree of one is planted besides) ; Acerbity branch of southeast Asia grey yellow wingceltis of abstruse family name (include cling to in yellow wingceltis) the part that serves as the 55th draft resolution may be included to be in severe danger control,

and big fruit rosewood (include sufficient rosewood of Yue Jian rosewood and bird) did not see draft resolution is protected, reason southeast Asia spends pear wood and do not have as likely as what include endangered control. Expected, yellow Tan Shushu is planted and hedgehog rosewood control or strengthen,

Before be like, media reports, come from Thailand the 53rd draft resolution, of will leguminous Leguminosae make foot yellow a surname (wood of marvellous of renown Xian Luo Mei) in the appendix 2 medium footnote 5 delete, mark footnote is noted 4, outside the organ that plays except position of industry of small number of people namely and the organization that breed from body, the overall pattern of this species and derive article all get control.

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