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lumber kingdom the reporter

lumber kingdom the reporter

Respect of South-American hophornbeam beans, according to lumber kingdom the reporter surveys knowledge, although close paragraph since time, sales volume of not stable market hit the management enthusiasm of lumber businessman badly, but as home market merchandise on hand decrease and of small to the busy season year ago prices expect, market businessman stock up is active also and active rise. Disclose according to the businessman,

the South-American hophornbeam beans that predicts to there will be bigger lot October garrisons China the market, at the appointed time domestic merchandise on hand also will be abounded rise. Price respect, at present 40-50cm of diameter of beans of hophornbeam of Guangdong market South America is controlled, case of new commodity price signs up for 3000-3200 yuan / stere, 2500-2800 signs up for under diametical 40cm yuan / stere.

Rose on September 21, the whole nation is restricted ton begin to execute, so next lumber freight how Where is plan cost? Everybody knows means of computation of freight of countrywide each district has 3 roughly always, the first kind presses time of computational freight cost, be like Tianjin, too storehouse. The 2nd kind presses tonnage computation freight, be like Shandong, chongqing, also have a share provincial by time, give a province to press ton each are not identical. The 3rd kind rented a car namely. After new policy comes out, rent a car or will make the history. So since the kind of plan cost is different, some presses time of some ton, be restricted ton hind should how plan cost.

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