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[New Feature] Multilingual Tours


I just bought a licence for Tourweaver and Panoweaver and I enjoy each day ;)

I'm working on a project related to tourism and one missing feature with Tourweaver is the ability to create multilingual tours (texts, descriptions, hints, ...). The end user will be then able to choose his favorite language (inside the waiting screen ?),  and play the tour.

Is it already on the road map ?

Java was my first programming language, so I don't think it's a big issue comparing to all the great graphical features you added to your softwares :)

Thanks in advance !






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Is there any way to use urls/variables/parameters to trigger the new flash embeds into changing languages? Can easypano please provide a swf sample button if it is possible/easy?
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Yepp [:)]

I'm also interested.


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We're using tourweaver
We'd love to have a multilingual option avoiding a duplication of the tour !

Do we have any chance to have such feature in a future release of the sw ?
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How about a 'auto-run' macro to, at least, hide/show the objects of one language. I know I can insert a button to do this, but it would be better if I could automatically run it through a passed variable, etc.



... Yes?