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Weird problem with TW workspace screen

I am having a really weird problem on my new laptop. This is a standard Dell Inspiron 6000 laptop computer (with a widescreen optimum resolution of 1680x1050) see a screen view of the TW workspace set at 1024x768 res.
The bottom and right side of the TW workspace are not visible. I appreciate that TW2 may resolve this problem but I do not understand why when setting my screen res to the recomended setting I am still having this problem. Is it possible that it is an issue with my operating system, I am running XP home edition on my laptop and XP profesional on my PC (where I have no problems)? There must be a simple reason why this problem exists, your help appreciated.
(Tech support at TW has not been able to resolve)
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I was surprised to read your thread, it is a bug that should not exist.

Just to let you know. I too have a widescreen computer, I have the Windows XP home edition SP2. I use a screen resolution of 1024x768 I only do this because I use my computer for sales meetings and I want to show my potential clients realistic tours, so I keep the resolution at 1024x768 as this is the most common.

It also helps me when designing the skins for tours. I want to have a result that is similar to what my client will see.


I am sorry that I could not be of any more help.

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