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2.0 Tour not always loading


I have made my first test tour with the beta version, and noticed the following:

Under windows, the tour takes a lot of time before loading (the two blue frames stay on screen for about 10 seconds)

When posted on the internet (see link above), the loading of the tour is really slow from windows/internet explorer

On a computer runnin Unbutu with firefox and Sun Java, the display of the tour never goes further thant the 2 frames.

Alexandre G.
Nikon D50 - Nikkor 10.5mm - NN3 - Manfrotto055CLB - Panoweaver 4.0 - Tourweaver 2.0
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Doesn't load with Internet Explorer 7.0 with Microsoft JVM

Does load with Internet Explorer 7.0 with Sun Java 1.6.0 

Does load with Firefox 2.0 and Sun Java 1.6.0

Regards, Smooth