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Show me you TW2 Projects

Hi Everybody.

I have started this thread so all of us can post links to our new TW2 projects. By doing this we can all be inspired both creatively and technically to get the most out of tw2.

We will quickly learn the new features of TW2 from each other and we will get a broader understanding of the capabilities of the program.

I hope you will join in and post your new tours so we can help each other.

Best regards

Morten Andersen
- a newbie trying to improve
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a quicky demo I showed to a client for the multi-map function

Images are not ajusted or cleaned up but it does show some TW2 functionalities

I see Fragged people
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just finished the first of my own presentations. As long as the right-click issue persists and the "send email" action creates a poor default answer text in english language, I will only be able to use TW 2 on my own website. The hints on the map are cut off if they extend to much to the right (would be nice if they switched orientation to the left then), but this could be compensated to a certain degree when planning the skin.

To have a look, goto:

Select JAVA first as a player (where the red arrow is blinking) and go to the "Ausstellung" section, should be the 2nd from above. Choose the rightmost example there, "Keramikmuseum"

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Heres one that worked ok, I have not had time to mess with the multiple map function yet, I don't want to get too far into things until they make the changes we requested.

Heres one that has the dreaded 1/2 broken double sound I can't seem to get rid of.

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Below is a link to a tour I did for a client of mine. It all seems to work well for what it does.

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Note: the tilt feature does not work: I wanted to set it up so that we cannot see the blackholes on the floor, but the tour viewer ignores the setting i specified
Alexandre G.
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