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Full screen in version 2 crashes

I have updated to version 2 of Tourweaver but have a problem with moving from scene to scene when in full screen mode.

I think i have narrowed this error to have something to do with the version of Java i am using.

When using Sun Java 6 update 1 the tour crashes when trying to move from one scene to another in the tour when in full screen mode.

If i click on a hotspot to move to another scene the tour just freezes and i can't close it down. the only way to stop it is to open task manager and close the app that way.

I unistalled java 6 update 1 and installed microsofts JVM msjavx86.exe and the tour worked fine.

I have also tested the tour on a pc with Sun's java 5 and this also worked ok on XP with IE6 and firefox 2

I got these results on XP home and pro in IE6 and Firefox 2 an on Vista IE7

Has anyone else encounterd this error? Anyone know how to fix it?

Thanks in advance ben
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Hey 360 confusion,

I too have had this same problem but I have not tried older and different versions of java. It would be nice if tourweaver 2.0 worked as promised but I think they have decided to abandon 2.0 purchasers and most likely will not fix this compatability issue in hopes of forcing you to purchase 3.0. Just my gut (sick) feeling. If your listening EP. Please fix compatibility issue with current java before you abandon the supporters that paid for 2.0.