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Quality issue in 3.0 Beta

I noticed much more pronounced warping and stretching everywhere except for near the center of the view in full screen (yes I zoomed in and out to check the perspective) . Items such as a picture frame are warped horizontally (a bit of a wave running through their horizontal sections) and their lines are not straight unless they are very close to the center. It makes everything look off as you pan around.

 Its much more pronounced in full screen for obvious reasons but is also there in standard size. Its most notable in items that have lighter space below them (such as a dark frame on a white wall).

Here is the scene in 3.0 & 2.0. Notice the warping on the bottom of the window sill and on top of the cabinets on the left.

Load each one of the links above in a different tab and make sure you zoom in fully on each tab then you can take turns clicking on each tab so you can see the difference. Im hoping a update will fix this quality issue.