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how to put relative path

I want to make hotspot addressing another tour from other folder. Is there some possibility how to put relative path in actions-> LinkURL ??? I need to put the hotspot addressing not absolute path, but relative one, like:

(In TW2.0 I could correct this manually in congig.txt, but now it is not possible. We have unreadable config.xml now.)

I tested absolute path http://.... and it works fine.

If somebody worked with dreamweaver, or similar program, You know what I want. In TW1.3 it works also...

Otherwise it is not possible to
1. test the tours with hotspots linked to other folders locally
2. put the tours on any type of media other then internet. (If You are using several tours linked to each other ,you can not show your work to customer directly from computer, or CD.)

The same is with map hotspots of course...

AM I missing something or there is some bug?

Regards, Igor

Mgr. Igor Socha - BRAHMA VISION, Slovakia
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Hi Igor,

I got frustrated in TW 2.0 with your exact problem. I want to be able to link to a customised help page which is just an html web page I have made byt I couldn't use relative URL's with the LinkURL action. I emailed Easypano with this request to be able to use relative OR absolute URL's in TW 3.0 and it seems they have not included this feature in the final release. I can't image it is that hard to fix. Even TW 1.3 enabled me to use relative URL's!

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