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TW 3 Flash runs out of control...

I have been experiencing problems with TW3 when I use the FLASH tours.
  1. The tours load OK, but when I use the curser to control the direction (up/down/back/forward etc.) the scene picks up speed and spins out of control.
  2. The first tour loads with the correct speed(which I set to 12) but when the second tour(s) loads it/they spin much faster (20+)
  3. When the curser goes over one of my hotspots the arrow (hotspot) disappears and the (hint) does not show.
  4. I don't have any TW3 Flash tours on line right now, I went back and remade them in TW 2 until I can make them more stable.
I have been reading the forum looking for some other comments on this.
I have not seen any so I'm assuming that it is something I'm doing that is causing this...
Thank you!