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Tourweaver 3.00 updates available

Dear Easypano customers,

Tourweaver 3.00 is updated and the latest builder version is: 3.00.080107. Main updates:

Added features:

  • Export H.264 format video movies (for Professional version only).
  • Generate autorun.inf file for FlashVR output.

Fixed bugs:

  • Project can not be previewed if its name contains "."
  • The tour can only be uploaded as binary mode when it is uploaded to a Linux server.

Improved features:

  • The loading bar of applet tour can display the loading process of the tour.

You can download the latest version here:


Best regards,

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I love updates, especially when they fix known bugs or problems, thanks for all the hard work your team puts into this great product.  Now, how about getting rid of encryption on the java tours?  Or at least going back to it being an option.  Also, why is there a seperate image for every single compass and hot point, why is the scene text and popup text converted to images?  The file ends up WAY bigger than it needs to be.  Just thoughts from an active user.  But do keep up the good work and kudos to everyone at EasyPano.
Donald Hill
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