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Floating floor cap in Flash

Is there a way to get a floating floor cap in the Flash version of a tour? If not, what about a non-floating cap?
It seems like all instructions in this forum are for the Java version.
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Yes it is possible.

Simply set a hot spot image over the direct centerline.


Not sure why it starts floating in the air until you use mouse interaction though? Just one of those bugs I guess.

Regards, Smooth

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Nice, I know that ptViewer had a java ability to do floating tripod caps.  Glad to know same can be done with Flash 9.0.

Floating parameters come from here?

LOLLOLLL  Just incase you were as curious as I was. I will save you some time

From the html page with the flash code.

so.addVariable("iniFile", "config_floating_cap.bin");

When you attempt to open this labled binary file, you can see more than 10 rows of this nontranslated text -

℀裳�有㨫ဥﵭ점ě樝⸗慔眞闲递♘椫鉚     [if you have your language font/text turned on "Chinese Traditional" you can see the characters.

Then it is necessary to visit one of those translator pages to convert this language into english?  >>>> NOT <<<<. 

At this point it is easier to return and just re-use the hotspot function.

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