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Fair enough

You must admit though a Canon 40D for under $1000.00 ain't to shabby.

My wife just asked me last week to give her my wish list for my 40th birthday and fathers day. I gave her the list before knowing about the rebates. She just received an updated list with the 5D instead of the 40
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At least your wife is smart enough to ask for a priority list (now with rebates).

Hmm and I am 65 this year.  I'll tell you from where I sit... there are many years to go.. and yes I have a short list.. but need to earn the money first before go spending it.

This year we earned enough VT money to replace our aging computers and network. We now are running a gigabit (1000mbps) network with a terabyte network drive.  Get this our outbound network conection is a slow 6 mbps internet connection.  Something is wrong with this picture.

Did I mention that what used to take 3 -4 minutes to stitch.  Now only takes 57 seconds ?  Thats a quad core intel, 5d, Sigma 8 Raw  4 images 125mb final image.  Reduce to 1.5mb flash.  What works .. really does work.

Now have to find the clients to make it all work.

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WOW Dave, I always thought I was the oldest on here, I'll be 62 in August. Looking forward to that early retirement SS check to go with my military retirement check.
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Bought the body through a Cameta auction on Ebay, right at $800, and the lens used from reputable seller for just under $500...  Both work perfect with no blemishes or short comings so far.  Just looking for the pano head now.


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