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Hotspots problem

I recently updated my Tourweaver from the original version 3 to the latest version.
Now when I create tours the hotspots in the main SceneViewer the hotspots are behaving unpredictably. Some of them appear and some do not and I don't really see any pattern to it. In some scenes some of the hotspots appear while others don't and in some scenes none appear or all appear.

It may be noteworthy that I am using skins that I designed myself, but they worked fine before I updated.

Any suggestions or even ideas of where to start looking would be greatly appreciated.

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Have you used copying or pasting to create a new hotspot? If so, I suggest you delete the copied hotspots first, and then add new ones to have a try. If this still can't resolve your issue, I suggest you contact Easypano customer service team directly.  

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