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Scene Properties

I am using the Map and Radar option in my tour. I have noticed that when I click another radar that I am sent to the synced room. That is good. I have figured out how to adjust the speed when I enter that new room. I am not able to adjust the tilt and or FOV. I have changed these settings to the extreeme and still nothing.

Is this a current bug? Is this bu being addressed?

Thanks a bunch!


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I reported the same thing in EP Support Ticket ID 6545 just after the upgrade from version 080115.

1) The radar field can no longer be dragged in preview mode (to test the sweep). It did work in 080115.

2) If you adjust the image on the left using the direction buttons in the Radar Content Window, the image defaults back to a different FOV, Tilt, and Direction when you click on the radar button (It defaults back to the scene setting).
This, I think, would be a new feature. I do not think it has ever been possible to set radar buttons like thumbnails (but I could be wrong).

I was hoping that EP would fix (reinstate) the first problem. 3 updates later still no joy. I'll have to resend the report. I'll open a new ticket for the second problem.