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viewer spins out of control

Hello all,

I was wondering if anyone else had a problem with their pictures spinning out of control in the tour?  I click on the screen and try to drag the scene around and especially when I look down the mouse freezes and the viewer spins out of control for a couple seconds.  I have since used cube images as it seems to have better control but that makes another step in my workflow and the file size is larger. 

Am I crazy or is it just my tours.  I have tested it on 3 machines and same result.  And I have used different tours and pictures with same result.  Vista and XP IE 6 and 7.

here is the link if you could take a look.  ANy feed back on the tour is also very appreciated,



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Hi, DaMan!

It works OK on my PC with XP IE 7. Did not observe any of the behaviour you mentioned. Tried to spin around fast and up and down to see if the mouse freezes (even on fullscreen) and everything worked right.

Regards, Martin

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Vista Ultima SP1,  IE 7 SP1. 

No issues here.

One comment:  Find the bedroom with red pillows and mirrored closet door.  Look closely at the reflected image in the mirror.  I see part of the camera.

Probably the image left and right side joins is where "saw the camera"  this is occuring.

If you have photoshop load the image then FILTER | OTHER | OFFSET  and wrap the image about 300 pixels offset,  and save the image as a new file name.  Then edit out the camera.

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