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To tbrusson: "if one intend to play a video of a speaking person, I would no rely on swf which was never made for that purpose. It's ok in my opinion to play a swf with music or with a comment in the background but for "real video" you have to rely on flv."

Answer: Easypano Customer Service is considering supporting .flv in the next version of tw. Thanks for your suggestion. Please don't hesitate to contact Easypano Customer Service if you have any questions or suggestions.

A Panoramic World created with vitual tour software-Tourweaver and panorama software-Panoweaver.
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Hello Yves,

Very good example.

I dont know french... with wich software they made it?

here is another cent of contribution to new functions:

I was making my first tour ( and i was wondering to have the possibility to change the "skin" for each (or group of) scene I enter.
Youll notice i have 4 different "maps".
2 for real plants, 1 of the car and 1 for photografy ("fotografia").
It could be much better if when entering the car pano, the whole layout changes, i mean, the map and scene view stay in the same position (or not), but the whole other objects can be changed (masks, background images, etc)

Thanks for everything,
Daniel Dietrich

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Hi Daniel,

I try to find out with which software they made it but they explain everything about how they make it but not with which software!