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I asked yesterday to another six persons using the samples that Jenny posted in this thread and they found TW4 tour jerky or jumpy also I noticed the erratic movement like Martin said.

I also tested with my own panos and is the same at low speeds is more noticeable in fast computers.

I every computer that I tested the TW3 tour is smoother AND LOADS FASTER.

Why TW3 tours loads faster than TW4 tours?

I wish to use TW4 for my tours but I think I will have trouble with my customers.

I also tested a Flash panorama using Version 10 of Flash plugin and is a big improvement in image quality while panning.

The future of flash is improve the image quality, and with TW4 you are not doing this.



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Here are the screen shots of TW3 and TW4, I used the EP tour because that way you know it was not something i did that caused this.  You also know what size and settings everything is so there can be no misunderstandings.

As you can see the cieling in TW4 is not nearly as striaght as TW3.  Besides the smoothness of TW3 I find TW4 a step backwards.  I only point this out to help make TW4 better then TW3 and I can honestly say that once the viewer is fixed to be as good or better then TW3 I will upgrade. 

Keep up the good work and keep us updated.  We all apprciate it.