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Tourweaver 4.00 is updated on Sep. 9th.

Dear all,

Tourweaver 4.00 is updated and the latest version is 4.00.080909, which can be downloaded at:

Bug fixes and changed features:

Improved/Changed features:

[*]The malfunction of Loop option in scene properties in Tourweaver standard edition.

Fixed bugs:

[-]The ineffectiveness of the action up & down.
[-]Incorrect progressing location display of the progress bar of the default sample tour in standard edition.

The Virual Tour Way
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Scene viewer flickering. Not worth buying. If any one want to buy or upgrade wait for next version.
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Nice job!
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TW4 only allows this pop up windows and resizing the window, the rest is just the same, almost....

The changes like transparent map, should be in the TW3

After 1 month of upgrading to this product, I still cannot use it because of many issues :

1. Viewer quality (very low)

2. Loading Time ( there must be a bug that makes loading process neverending)

3. Many problems coming from the befor version

So how long should be waiting till The Oficial & Usable Version of TW4 ??

Please, try to make us feel that this soft is gonna work someday...
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EP please take note; jordi is absolutely right in his comments. You released TW4 for sale and a lot of loyal customers paid their money, but it can not be used to deliver tours to our clients while the well documented problems still exist.

There are a great deal of new options and functionality in TW4 but this means nothing if the basics are not right.

My main gripes are the viewer and the time it takes to load a tour, the full screen for me has never been good with it's jerky rotation.

There are other products on the market that deliver smooth Flash viewers that load quickly.

EP; we all eagerly awaited TW2 which was not good followed by TW3 which was a big improvement. Do we need to throw TW4 on the same scrap heap and wait for TW5?


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I agree with Jordi,

They have yet to say that they will fix the viewer and loading time, maybe i missed it.  Sorry if i did. 

Your support on the forum has gotten better and i want to say thanks for that, but please answer these 2 important questions.  TW4 is worthless to me also until this is fixed.


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If TW3 would just allow to have these 2 things :

1. _blank map option in the scene properties to asign a blank map to any of the scenes that you don't want to show the map (still images for example)

2. transparent background for the map properties....

with this 2 changes in TW3 i would be pretty happy with the product...

I was one of the first to upgrade to TW4, before the Oficial and "Unuseable" realese... and as it seems no to upgrade very soon,

I would like to ask for this 2 little changes that they seems to know how to do it as they have done it in the new version...

so we could still be using TW3 in a very professional way, and when it will arrive, we can upgrade to TW4....

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Hi, I agree with you Jordi, but I insist that TW4.0 should be improved, for which we have already paid for.
Following your thoughts, the viewer in TW3.0 is better, so why if that is one of the mayor problems in TW4.0 not use the old one in this new version??

Please send us some feedback!


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Hi Paul, DaMan, Martin, and all other people involved on that issue...
I have to say that TW4 sounds very good, and I know that making technology sometimes doesn't fit very good with the calendars...
New updates are always a bit the same, it needs time to get ready...

I feel the viewer on the new version is absolutley new, because we will have the great option to resize it, I know it that resizing is one of the biggest issues on programming those engines...
What makes me worry a lot is not the viewer but the loading time, which is very large, I have test it on tours of about 50 and also 100 scenes and it takes about 30 seconds to load being online...

I just hope EP team can tell us something about it,
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A quand la version francaise tourweaver 4 ?

b-vihoo Agence d'imagerie virtuelle / visites et gigapixels
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To Jordi,

As to the loading time issue, please refer to The first loading mode is the same as that in TW3. So tw4 offers more options to choose from.

best regards,


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