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Sorry mate, now you are confusing me!

Are you saving the .vtp or .tw files into the same folder?

Project Tours (.vtp & .tw), Skins (.sk) and Virtual Tours (.html, folder and files) "for upload" are  different things and should not be saved together.

Sorry if I'm not getting it, I can only help with the information provided.

Regards, Smooth

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G'day Smooth,

I was referring to how the tour is saved (if it makes a difference). You have the option with the drop down menu to save the project as a .vtp or .tw.

I save this project file in a separate folder altogether.

I do not publish this file, only the files after selecting publish are the ones that I upload.

I was just curious if it made a difference if saved as .vtp or .tw?

I do know that I failed to save one of the cabin tours and published. Once published I could not change the file name (Tourweaver_file_name.html) I went back and made the tour again this time saving it and was able to change the file name.

Maybe it has something to do with the output structure?

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New here :)

So after pulling my head out of my hair, I found this thread.

I downloaded a trial version to see how it all works. Then when I started working with the tours I found them very slow. so I decided to download some of the projects on the gallery page........

This is when it became real. It was the mansion one. The output file as supplied is just over 4mb. When I load the project file in TW and then publish it with exactly the same setting - then I end up with almost a 13mb file.

The files structures are in no way the same!

Please help