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Autorotate after click in scene?

Have a look here.

Once I click in the scene the autorotation does not start.
How can I assure it does automatically start rotating again?

Is there a key-press to start?

I also noticed without navigationbuttons the '+' and '-' do not function as a default zoom in / out button. Would be very nice though.

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Hm. Workaround: add a button, play/stop?

I think it would be nice to make it work for banner-like panos by adding a checkbox in the settings instead of a visible button. Could be useful for things like this one:

It's 5 panos, but once you click in an image and move around, it does not start again, chances are, that you never notice the other ones...

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Hi Formetrix and welcome to the forum. Tourweaver will not re-start by itself. However it would be a great feature and we have ask for it. As Michael stated you will need to make button with the action pause/play. You will also need buttons if you want it to zoom.

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Is this a feature that ever got or will be implemented?
Very handy for embedded tours on a site.
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Yes, and might I add that it bothers that after pausing a tour, the tour restarts from the 1st pano after resuming? Would be cool if it would continue the auto path from the point where you are at that moment.