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Pop up, Link URL - not popping :-(

Hey guys,

What's the trick to linking Google Map locations to the pop up function?
(Actions >> Misc >> Link URL)

In my case I'm trying to link it to the following URL:,-159.609375&spn=57.498929,36.914062&z=4 dice,  as you can see here:

A couple times in previous tours the map URLs did work but I dont know why, so I'm stumped. Is it possibly too long?

Thanks in advance for any input,


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Hi Matt, very strange. It does work in your sample tour so perhaps you need to compare one with the other to see what differences there are.

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Have you tested if the link works in Tourweaver "preview" mode?

Be sure that you have entered the full address including the http://

Also check the URL for errors/typos around the http:// area as http;//

I just tested you URL in Tourweaver 3 and it worked fine.

Regards, Smooth

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Hi Matt if you are concerned about it being to long you can use and it will give you a permanent.url of only 25 characters.
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