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Thanks. Maybe I'll trial it first before jumping in.


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Thanks EP, there are some very nice designs.

Is it possible or will it be possible to indicate kbs loading/loaded as well as the present percentage loading?


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It is a late response, but the answer is positive in next update, which will be ready very soon. Thank you for your support to Easypano products.

Best Wishes

Clark Xiao

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It is very uesful!Thx EP,great!
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Would love to see a nice selection of flash navigation buttons available for download.
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Hey Easypano,

I have to agree too it would be great to accompany your free progress bars with some cool Flash Buttons.

please please please
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Flash bar is fine, but what about flashthumbnail?

I tried to modify the existing one using CS4 from the .fla file that you can find in the Resource folder in order to remove the green Easypano banner but wasn't able to get a new swf file that works with tourweaver.

I'm not an expert, so is the .fla file the good one to play with, is there some special recommendation for publish setting of the swf in Flash CS4?

Will easypano offer some other flash component in the future?

Thaks in advance,