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Feature Requests

Hi there, back after a long time.

Upgraded to TW 4.0 for a new project and came to some questions which might be just limitations by the software. I talked to EP by chat yesterday and would like to know if

a) some of you can help me if there is a workaround
b) if it is not possible, if this feature request would be helpful to you as well.

Here is my scenario. Lets say you would to 30 scenes of a university. Inside shots, outside shots, shots in classrooms, offices and so on.

Now the campus is very big so one map for all would not be convenient. Now you want to group the panos in various ways.

a) Outside shots
b) Inside shots
c) Building A
d) Building B
e) classrooms

Now as you can see some panos could be in 3 categories. A classroom in building A could be in

b) Inside Shots
c) Building A
e) Classrooms

When you have a thumbnail (dumb name - Thumbnail bar would be better) you can under "List Values" choose the radio button option "Items Vary with Different Maps".

Unfortunately on the scenes you can under "Map" choose only one Map. Therefore in order to have the same image displayed in 3 thumbnail bars you would have to add the same image 3 times.

FEATURE REQUEST 1 (or asking for workaround)

In the scene properties you should be able to have the option to connect the scene to multiple maps.


In my scenario I want a combobox on top of my layout to have the user choose which set of panos (Outside, Building A, Building B, ...) they want to view. In the combobox you choose map but can not set the Order of the Maps.

It should be possible to sort them like you can sort scenes.


You can have different colors in the thumbnail bar for normal, mouseover, active pano. Unfortunately it is not possible to set the font color the same way. This is limiting design wise, because you have to choose colors for the 3 states for which the font color would look nice.


OnLoad actions for scenes and maps. At the moment you can not (to my understanding) add actions to scenes and maps. Why would I want that.

Lets say you choose Outside Shots in the combobox and the map changes to an outside location map, the thumbnail bar changes to display only the outside shots but the scene would remain the same (maybe an inside shot that was viewed previously.)

I would like to have a kind of onLoad event for the map. So you could set a pano to be displayed if a map is loaded/showed.

Multiple actions on hotspots (none on maps and scenes)


Have a Image Area in addition to the Text Area. Why?

a) Does it make sense to use a Text Area to display images matching a scene?
b) Have the ability to hide scrollbars. So if your image is 2 pixel wider then the images area it would not show the bars.

That's all for starters.

Glad if you can help or comment if any of this feature request would be helpful to you.

1)  map a scene to multiple maps
2) sort items in Comboboxes (or at least sort maps)
3) font colors for normal, mouseover, active pano in thumbnail bar
4) Actions for maps and scenes (onLoad event)
5) ImageArea with ability to set "never show scrollbar" as on mapViewers



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