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TW4 updated today

Here is the link,.  I guess they have not updated the forum yet.

Easypano Tourweaver 4.00, Nov. 27, 2008

Builder: 4.00.081127 Download

Fixed bugs:

[-]The loading time of a tour is abnormally long.
[-]The repetition of radar and hotspot images when published.
[-]The ineffectiveness of pop up image added on pop up window.
[-]When the list value of Listbox, Combobox, Thumbnail and TextArea is set to Movie, the displayed is not associated with the current movie.


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The new update is looking pretty good but I do have two problems so far.

Problem 1. When I have links placed within the images, they seem to work intermittently only. If a link is not responding, rotate the image and come back and try again and eventually it will work, only to fail again later. Have a look at the following link.
You will also notice that the links don't seem to be problematic in full screen mode.

Having tested this further, it seems that the graphic element moves independently of the link outline

Problem 2. When I save a project, instead of automatically going to the directory into which it was last saved, it goes to the last directory which was used by the program which may be another project or an image directory etc. This can be quite annoying if you are working on several projects simultaneously.
Alan R
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Hello Daman,

Thanks for posting the link:)

The most important improvement in this builder is the faster loading of tours. The loading time of the tour samples in the Gallery is shortened greatly.

The Virual Tour Way
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Thanks Easypano! Thats a lot better :) I much prefer the zipped resources folder much faster to upload.

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This update seems great.  Tour loads much faster.  Good job!
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Builder: 4.00.081127
Builder: 4.00.081128

a standard member posting the link, without living it sticky in the first place ??

I just have downloaded it (1128), just published and old project (TW4.080909) and :

- Some actions in the pop-up window where deleted

- Close window ineffective in an image or button added on pop up window (before it was working)

- Loading process : it get stopped on 11% then goes directly to 49% and loading the image 100%

it's not so slow like in previous versions but still not working fluently and properly...

I hope tomorrow we will find

Builder: 4.00.081129

otherwise this would be a fake update
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I really can't believe that the quality of TW4 is still so much worse than the quality of TW3!
I would love to use the TW4 version, especially because of the automatic loadsize if switching to fullscreen or small window.
I would even say that I would probably switch to using TW as well for my full screen presentations instead of using FPP or other viewers, the design GUI makes it such a pleasure to work with.
But since most of my TW-customers will see first the smaller version AND most likely not click on full screen, they will see a very bad quality. Lots of jittering, shaking and cutting. I can't believe it's so difficult to keep the same quality as TW3 for those sizes...

Not upgrading yet...
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TW4 seems to load a lot faster now but there is still no background loading of the panos like there was in TW3 hence leading to a stop start of each pano on the first run.

The quality of the viewer is still poor especially in full screen mode.

EP - I like the pano loading bar feature as this helps indicate to the viewer that something is happening, the problem is it is not needed on the second loop as the tour is already loaded in to the browser caches. On the second pass the pano actually waits a split second for the loading bar to appear briefly. Would it be possible to have an option to not have the loading bar appear when the tour loops?


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To jordi,

The first two problems you mentioned:
- Some actions in the pop-up window where deleted
- Close window ineffective in an image or button added on pop up window (before it was working)

>>We also found the popup window problem with TW 4.00.081127. When we add a button to a popup window, and add "open popup window" action to the button to open another popup window with background image,the background image of the second popup window does not show. So we fixed the bug and released another update in 4.00.081128. Sorry for the confusion this may caused. If you indeed used 4.00.081128 to publish your previous project and still have the above problem, please send your project to our support and we will have a test.

The third one,
"Loading process : it get stopped on 11% then goes directly to 49% and loading the image 100%"
>>The loading bar progress is affected a little when we tried to solve the loading speed problem, but the progress bar will not stop on certain percentage. Can you tell us the tour link?

To ftrippie,
We are doing our best to improve the viewer quality of TW4, and we hope to release an update before end of December. Meanwhile, you can use smaller sceneviewer window (within 800*600) and choose playing speed under 4, to offer better viewer experience.

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To Jenny and EP team,

My comments where based on the builder : 4.00.081128

As I have already said in my post above...

Actually I'm very busy to be uploading projects, I tell you friendly, I just have make a new project without any strange functions, so you can check it out for your self, just make a project and publish....
I'm working on XP....

I feel like in August when I told you for first time that the loading time was not working properly, and you told me like if it was my fault, then many users telling me they didn't have this problem , 3 month later, everybody is complainig about these....

Come on don't make me feel is my fault...I have many experience working with your soft

Just check it out and you will see....

Anyway I hope in these week I'll post a link to a project showing all these malfunctions...

But I'm not a beta tester, and all of us have payed a big amount of money for having a good soft, maibe if tourweaver would cost 50 euros like other soft you can find outhere, I would understand your troubles, but actually the TW4 costs $800, so my friend you should hurry up to fix all your bugs (in my opinion 1 week, not the end of DECEMBER), otherwise people will start switching to other soft...
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Also the radar area issue has not been resolved. In a reply to my e-mail about this problem.

Dear Kerry,

Thanks very much for contacting Easypano.

First Im sorry for our late reply. Your feedback has been submitted to our R&D Departments, we will study it and try to resolve it in the next update. Thanks for your carefully checking and supports. All your feedback will be highly appreciated.

Please dont hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions.