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New to VT need Advice


     My wife and I are in real-estate marketing. Right now we do floor plans, feature sheets and pictures. I would like to get into VT but am having trouble deciding on the right technology. There seems to be two options out there. 1) do it ourselves through stitching software and tour software, then upload to the web so our clients can access them. 2) There are companies that hook you up with all the gear and support and you pay for them to host the tour. You can remote host if you want. I was wondering if anyone has an opinion. I am a big rookie when it comes to VT don't even know how to photo a room for a VT. I was thinking about going with option 2, just for the support. I have attached a link that will lead to a VT company (option 2) please experts take a look and let me know.

I don't want to bit off more than I can chew so any advice would be great. I would have to by the camera gear to go along with the canon     Xsi 2008 we already have.

Thanks for any help just want to spend my money correctley

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Welcome to the world of 360 panos.

Here is a link to a great 10 mintute video.

It is a little dated but shows the general concept and work flow.  There  are alot of resouces out there if you search google for them.  Try for general help and questions you might have. 

This forum is targeted to TourWeaver and other Easypano products that help produce panos and virual tours.  Easypano has a easy to use interface for a beginner without much of a learning curve needed.  They just updated their software and is a great choice if you are serious about the industry.  Good luck with your indever.