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DE-Fish a fisheye image

Hi all,

I know I have seen a program or maybe a PS plug-in that will 'de-fish' a fisheye image to make it look like a still photo - without the fisheye distortion. I have a photo take with a canon 40d/sigma 8mm setup that I need to 'de-fish' - I'm not interested in buying a program to do it, I'm looking to pay someone to do this for me. Just a single image - Let me know a cost if you can do this for me.

Thank You
Will Best
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An excellent plugin for Photoshop we use is called flexify and is V cheap, This plugin allows you to warp your images in countless different ways. (inc de-fishing) Very handy even though on this occasion you want someone to do it for you.

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I can do it for you Will,

Send it too me and I will shoot it back.

You do realise you can stitch a single fisheye image with Panoweaver? This will defish the image to a point.

Regards, Smooth