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TW3: TW going berserk: strange link

Anyone encountered a problem like this before:

I created a link, target _blank, to open a fullscreen version of a panorama. All files are located in the tour folder, not in scenes or audio or the like. The link shows correct in the popup window where you enter the parameters URL and target.

The files are uploaded correctly and the tour worked out ok.

Then I edited the tour (NOT the link) and uploaded the new tour.

When I then clicked on the link, it wanted to open a file called /sounds/action_index_full.html !

"sounds/action_index_full.html was not found on this server."

I checked with the project: still "index_full.html"

I copied the index_full.html and the associated files to the folder which TW desired (previously empty), renamed the index_full.html to what TW wanted me the file to be named and it worked ok. Is this the way I shall organise my files in the future?